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RICHARD MARX A Night Out With Friends (2012)l

RICHARD MARX A Night Out With Friends (2012)l ) is an American adult contemporary pop rock singer-songwriter. He has sold over 30 million albums worldwide. Wrote more than 15 songs that were included in the "Top 5" American pop hits. He sells over 25 million albums in the US and Canada and 12 million records in other countries including Japan, Russia and the UK. 50. Lindsay Lohan (26) - American actress, singer and dancer. On February 10, 1962, she married Judy Garland, son of actress Judy (née Sharon Scott). They have two sons Nicholas and Kevin. They divorced in 1997. She remarried in 2009 to basketball player Seth Myers. Lohan was a jury member on season 11 of American Idol. 51. Lionel Richie (35) is a British record producer, singer and actor. In the early 1980s, his clients included Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson and One Direction. In 1983 he worked with Martina Navratilova at the Los Angeles Olympics.Although he currently only holds the position of Producer Manager at NinjaTune. He first appeared as a singer with the single "September Rain" in 1988. In 1993 he released the album "Absolutely Live" for DJ Bryan Ferry, which later reached number two in the UK with the song "Evil Angel". In 1999, he was temporarily fired and was invited as a producer for the song "Ballad of a Friend" in the album "The Mentors" by Michael Jackson. In 2003, he repeated the same work for Martina Navratilova's LP "The Sessions" by Michael Jacks. But as a result, he was fired. In 2006, Lion Lion sold about 1.5 million records in the US. He sells about 1 million albums worldwide and his 1997 album The Ultimate Guide to Music was the best selling album of all time in the UK. This makes him the most successful beatboxer of all time and the most successful British producer of all time. Lambert made over 40 singles on his album, but he was fired. Liam Payne was Lion's manager and helped him publish "The Perfect World" 3e8ec1a487

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